4 Young Pair Reasons Takes Divorce Road. get married of course not easy matter, various problem appears out of a clear sky, especially that character difference and background. although they are new gets. from various reason and problem that evoke, often throwed 4 young pair reasons takes divorce road. we discuss it from the aspect of shall look at woman:
1. " he is not again want to succumb to like formerly. . . "
this is lah one of [the] reason majority woman that decide to end marriage. if formerly they felt memanja, now moment it they must many understand and succumb.

2. " initially only cold war…"
childishness begins to appear to dominate self each when the ego harder speak. final tired quarrel and fight mouth, quiet action hopes solution bobs up done.

3. " he is not such as those which i am hope, it to be i am dissapointed! finished how again, kan we want also dapet someone we envision. . . "
same like man, has also target on a certain. and at age very progress this is woman emancipation flies away not want far defeated by man. here's reason starting points other why does he want bercerai and look for better.

4. i, you or we?
because accustomed self-supporting and do all a certain it self, willing to satisfy big enough self. almost everyone felt must get something that more on the hard work result, so that self self that gived.

do you still has 4 young pair reasons take intelligent road? best think 1.000 time, bothing;there is no one problem not has exit. you and the he that look for exit without having to separate.

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