Protect Your Self, Woman!

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Protect Your Self, Woman! . you ever hear expression that closer we are with somebody, so also our possibility is for wounded.Protect Your Self, Woman!.  usually this matter is operative at emotional area, but not close also that spread the mentioned in physical violence.

be said that husband should be patron for the wife. but the fact ba husbands doesn't give freshment for the wife. for you wifes know repellents KDRT several things kdrt this:

  • read the character. is he one who patient or hothead? is he man type five hundreds or religious and loyal? does he ever experience bad matters in time then it? all background joins in to determine bentuknya somebody character.
  • how also with the association? that reflect spirit.
    if all your answers is positive, so mean violence may be emerge caused because factor from outside. satisfied for example, tempted,  or because insatiable the need.

but, of course error can not be gived thoroughly in class man. womankind is said as husband cantilever. we as also must want to care by what wanted by our husband.

  • don't naive with conservative idea that if get married so automatic husband good permanent and sweet like moment pacaran formerly. will you wear house dress moment go to date with him? ]
  • appearance interestings to be one of the five man needs often ignored by class air. so it man then run with woman prettier, section,  and doesn't wear house dress.

final, to all wife protects your self, woman! ,  and roger good wife, so that your husband to be well also. because a man mengubahkan by model the wife. ladies first!]

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