First Night, Don't Eat This…. !

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First Night, Don't Eat This…. ! . first night sure will make you excited all at once nervous in bew pair will get. well, what best -black list in first night? WOMAN EATING

pasta. actually not pasta necessary forbidden,  but the kind. pasta spaghetti kind menyulit you moment will chat, if you not yet shrewd bribe pasta use fork. finally, sauce pasta menempel around lip,  or you are busy menggigiti spaghetti unbroken at mouth.

hot food. face to date first certain you nervous, so don't augmenting with food that make you sweat. even less if you don't belong hot extra food glutton. when a your time appointment menner at restaurant not yet you know the menu, better not take care to order hot dish.

steak. date should make you must many chat,  and actually steak will be" friend chats" violent. the condition, you can not be hunted time moment date so that can spend steak slowly.

noodle berkuah. meant not instant noodle, but noodle soup such as those which many presented in restaurant thailand or vietnam. noodle that served with sauce usually difficulter mempungut with chopstick,  or even soup spoon (duck spoon).

sushi. japanese person has many rules moment enjoys sushi,  and best we are even also enjoy this food by suggested. one of them, sushi should be eaten in once suap. this matter difficult be done if size sushi big enough,  and you will lose expression elegan moment will try to gulp cut.

burger, hotdog,  or kebabs. basically, this victuals doesn't belong kind" elegan" to enjoyed in chance special like to date. you can look for restaurant or cafe other better. but if even also you forced order burger or hotdog, be careful, because this food usually will be given mayonnaise that memuntah out if the bread depresses hand.

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