Compact Educate Child

Diposting oleh oti | Jumat, Juli 03, 2009

compact educate child for new marrige. don't let confused child with ketidakkompa you and pair up to long-drawn-out! remember, you must compact educate also can learn to make use opportunity is turned ketidakkompa parents. family

entangle pair more many. once in a while you may be peevish with husband that extradite all problems educates only to you child.

not you, but we. moment see husband kills child, don't in a hurry excoriate it, even less before child. you may be felt most know what best for child. but, if husband does error in educate child, speak even also must be done by correct.

show correct reason. a your time see the father buys toy child or the price expensive coat. while, you are punishing child because not is want to learn. you so to felt in vain try to give responsibility exercise positive lesson to child.

apologize. you sure not bring oneself to see child is hurt. in a moment, you see the father punish it physically. reflexly you will prevent husband do it. beyond question that insident merespons negative by husband.

entangle third party. you and far husband differ in the case of educates child. you too discipline, the father kills.

good you and pair is compact in educate Child….

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