although less pleasant, that problem because permanent money must be talked about pair suami-istri.
your purpose is alive economizes, but pair considers you are elite. or, your pair is extravagant, while the income not menentu? ! is situation this be talked about? sure must, but there is a way of correct discuss this without necessary quarrel. HAPPY

divorce cause. finance designer maire allvine, also book author the family cfo: the couple business plan for love and money unfold, a large part husb doesn't know correct manner talks finance. allvine watch closely, person reacts very emotional moment talk about money, " majority suami-istri choose doesn't talk about money exercise than ujung-ujung quarrel or even bercerai" .

guard emotion. woman usually hook money with safe taste. has savings and has permanent income their obsession. that is because it, husband income not menentu can make worried wife. his the exercise can not predict fund that he kelola every the month.
then, how talk about topic not pleasant this? next suggestion from expert:

  • choose fit time, for example, at moment is relaxing and at calm situation.  and relax. or, gain time special, like, after children sleeps evening.
  • show your goodwill to listens, moment invite pair speaks money exercise. push pair to posed equal to you. begin with tell, how formerly your parents talk about finance problem. then, tell your willing to talks money exercise.
  • honest in ownself whereof you feel. when according to your finance belong self-supporting wife or has big income, usually you have anxiety shoulders biggest responsibility in the case of expenditure is compared your husband. you best honest admit this matter. tell also the reason, why do you felt to worry. then put heads together, best manner and correct for you two managed your family finance.
  • be really in when do you speak about money. posed objective, back from prejudice and subjective attitude. when does your criticism and pair" touch" area sensitive, be really berkepala and berhati cool!
  • entangle other party, when do you and pair felts difficulty finds correct manner configurings family finance. family finance consultant even can help you two change behaviour and manner you two in use money.

tight connection. your openness is very depend on your connection quality with pair. emotion connection solid between you and pair will make steps will speak money without will worry falling-out trigger. to that, you can begin with behave openly in pair in managed family finance. its way:

  • formulate aim and priority. unfold financial aim with makes easy you two walk up at this aim. for example, buy house after five year get married, save for child education cost and another
  • don't leave in the dark and on the quiet spend money. this be bad habit. pattern likes this is wrong because you disingenuous and do to sabotage towards your financial plan.
  • share responsibility one of [the] best manner to avoids falling-out around money problem. make calculation fair, so that responsibility each in the case of clear finance, like to who that earn life, who manageds household money,  and further. if you always felt pleasant moment design family finance with or at least speak about money, so may simply your wedding safe from falling-out mempicu this problem.

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