May Be Happen At Evening Bride

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many worried wifes or may be afraid face first night. felt uncomfortable, shy or not ready. finally, will evoke disappointment at one of the parties or even both. well, even less may be happen in evening bride and afterwards? PAIR SWEET
1. coitus pain
initially, coitus may be really pain, but not at evening next. if pain until berminggu-minggu, sure this is below par. robe hymen even also not senyeri that said myths that go around, otherwise until broken blood vessel, so that more many bloods out.
remarkable coitus pain also undergone if there disturbance at vagina mouth (vulva). the cause is capable because infection (vulvitis), wound, kekejangan muscle,  or anxiety reaction self.
if condition vulva and vagina has welled, but coitus stills pain or taste not delicious, may be not yet created to setting emotion, soul,  and physical condition between wife husband. so, sexual communication may not stoppage.
2. anyang-anyangan
dua-tiga day after evening bride, sudden pain berkemih, not delicious body, sick, head pain,  and if great, pink urine or red. this is special happens in recently married.
of course, necessary soon given medicine antibiotika the germ murderer, besides pain palliative medicine berkemih. usually in 3 days anyang-anyangan recover, but can suffer a relapse. particularly otherwise direct berkemih so finished coitus.
3. first night doesn't bleed
although still girl, can when first night not take outside blood. that thing because hymen not only one kind, good also the elasticity.
in woman stiffer the maiden membrane, possibility not direct bleed in first night,  and new in evening next,  or even torn new betulan after gives child. this case often is hurricane at beginning marriage. husband usually instantaneous charge wife not girl again.
that is so, how does important sex education make also woman. if every husband knows that that hymen is manifold, sure he wiseer will face wife truthfully will still that virgin.
4. like to what that orgasm?
first night not yet sure always success. husband side can satisfied if until ejaculation of semen, but not yet sure wife side. new woman achieves top or orgasm if foreword game sufficiently long, according to also soul ready full,  and wife has felted to submit total. like to what?
prosperous taste taste, sensation incredible that feeled also soul, not draw with words, can recurrent as sea wave comb coast.

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