Father New. . . ?

Diposting oleh oti | Sabtu, Juni 20, 2009

deg-degan and must not know what must you do. that is very may be happen in has baby.
when does your baby bewborn and brought to return home, your character is even also certain turns into a father. but if you still confused with change that in wife and your character, there is no need to worry. DAD AND BABY

  1. learn from best. don't worry to learn from the expert at home ill, how does manner replaced popok, carry, until bathe it.
  2. trust instinct. feel your baby when he is in gendongan. undoubtedly during five minutes, your strains will melt and you more 'slurr' with him.
  3. patient and think positive. in beginning birth, mother figure most stres and want your support.
  4. principal characterization. don't let 'aid from outside go away you from the little. especially 1 kalends, try to take the opportunity both with the little.
  5. eye contact. try to do eye contact when do you with the little, because is important in slice your connection and baby.

don't worry, with your new character is this. believe that you have instinct a father. congratulation be father!

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