Compact Regulate Finance

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wedding beginning time, sometimes new pair must talk about their new family finance. so that created harmonic atmosphere. so that hey that happen new pair must creat harmony. that's art endures and enjoy wedding. harmony in your marriage will materialized if study done chronically and applied consistently. BEAUTY

plan finance early on
money problem is sensitive matter, for husb even if. apparently, need rule of the game agreement for you and pair so that money doesn't be troubleshoot root then menerus. try you correct reading two choices follows:

  • one bill to with
  • enter in savings bill each

arrange your finance wisely
as much as whatever your money, even less if united with pair income so will not useful if you don't have true finance planning. therefore use money wisely and learn for compact with your pair. follow beberpa tips follow, so that your family finance not

  • castaway uselesses.
  • don't be extravagant
  • must can choose between need and willing
  • make expenditure posts truly
  • as much as whatever your expenditure per month, best separate out money for savings
  • pay debt that must be payed out per the month, like house instalment, credit card, motor and or car
  • have a command over you to buy luxurious goods
  • prepare emergency estimation, education fund and well-being fund

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