differ opinion between husband and wife may happen. but don't until that different idea is boomerang in your household!
when does opinion difference and opinion between husband and wife hits child begins to appear, soon look for the solution. next several cases also lengtened by expert yudiana ratnasari, psychology faculty teacher staff ui clinical psychology study area.

finical child doctor. your children under five/baby is ill. but problem appears when your opinion hits child doctor differs from pair. instead of help ill child, you and pair even so to fight arguments. whew, how yes?

money, the sensitive. money really oftentimes be sensitive matter to is talked about with pair. this finance problem is oftentimes is falling-out source in household. how overcome it so that not long-drawn-out?

where school? although batita you not yet moment it to enter school, but education exercise the little later certain it talked about from far day. where the little menyekolahkan? good school criteria follows you and pair very may be differ.

who will bring up the little? this problem is may be appears when wife comes to work, who will bring up your baby/children under five? but if permanent wife principle wants mother works, how overcome care problem the little?

basically, natural if happen opinion difference between husband - wife. this different idea can happen because:

  • different perception in see problem. this matter can be influenced by education background, personality and also experience whom they are natural during the time.
  • pattern brings up family from each also give contribution in husband and or wife in form their way see problem, think and take decision.

to overcome that, necessary watched over opened communication and effective. mean each pair can propose reason from decision or even also trouble-shooting that faced. if so, all problems certain neat.

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