postpone pregnancy thoroughly really be right every pair suami-istri. but best also must considering carefully before do it. why?
many young pairs that wants to postpone formerly to has momongan. general reason, follow dra. jacinta f. rini, msi, psychology consultant from harmawan consulting, worn pair to postpone pregnancy, among others: economy/financial, career,  and way of thinking immediacy. PRENANCY

immediacy psikologis
immediacy and well-being psikologis vitally for pair that want has breed. this matter is necessary because husband and has heavy responsibility to be able to endure the character as parents.
follow jacinta, don't make self egoism is reason to postpone pregnancy. " must be provided by correct reason and responsible. especially, do by mother well-being, good psikis also psikologis,  and child. "

physical immediacy
besides immediacy psikologis, physical immediacy also absolute has by woman that plan pregnancy. from well-being side, during the pair doesn't has disease that need therapy for a long time, anita doesn't see reason that compel pair to postpone pregnancy.
pregnancy best postponed if there disease mengidap husband or wife, can endanger also the mother if pregnancy is carried out.
remember age!

follow conditions that must be calculated at the (time) of postpone pregnancy.
1. woman age
age correctest for pregnant 20-35. if exceed 35 year, pregnancy risk and will birth higher.
2. well-being condition
if found well-being obstacle and age stills to make possible to postponed, it is better salubrious the body condition beforehand.
3. breed factor
if husband and wife comes from little family same difficult has child, best doesn't postpone pregnancy.

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