The He Stills To Like Loaf Around

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Although get married, pair stills do the long hobby: loaf around, dugem,  and spend many times with the friends. duh, dizzy, yes?
since still pacaran, linda and arman always compact. whereROMANTIC there arman, there certain there linda. even all friends arman know linda, so even also on the contrary, they often hang out or dugem with. but, harmony linda and arman slow begin to paled. the paragraph, after get married, linda want arman a more regular resides in house than spend more many the times to hang out with the friends.

initially linda still to let attitude arman that still to like to call on to cafe sepulang work. but sometime later linda resentful also see the husband always late get home. “kami keep house, i want arman more many vacate the time for family, not again with the friends, ” so hope linda. hmm, you have experience likes linda?
yes, the true wedding formal institution that two individual for coexists. but, don't will hope after wedding will go all a certain it then along in parallel, without evoke difference. exactly difference more will be seen, sometimes berujung polemically.
“meskipun many found difference, but if still there aptness, a wedding will go. for example, taciturn husband but the pair many talks. or, timid the wife but the pair dares to come up. obvious this pair can, kok, be to fit, ” said zahrasari lukita goddess, psi. , m. the, intimate speaked to aya.

really, for not yet get married, willing to enter this institution is aim. but, so begin to enter it, exactly not a little that want out of this institution. “pada every pair certain always there conflict. at here the important overcome conflict so that can to survive. marriage price should more expensive than conflict price. so, don't until ignore marriage just because conflict, ” firm aya.
on that account, to be able to understand the pair, must pass long process. such as those which undergone linda and arman, both certain can mutual understand when both want to finish conflict and survive to resque the ladder house. for example, linda want to bear with to give comprehension to arman,  and on the contrary arman even also want to change the attitude by the ladder house harmony.
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