New Family, Intelligent Manage Money. expense one of [the] activity base a woman in run the character as manager in family. wanted a ability to managed family finance especially in the case of shop. besides ability also demanded for wise in memi and make expense priority and creative in contagious this matter is to the heart fruit. tabungan

attitude and parents behaviour very influential towards child behaviour formation. in course of expense at shopping centre usually mothers brings child joins in,  and roger expense behaviour contagious process to child, because child will see every the mother will shop. every will go child will see also so goods quantity that taked the mother, without they know that it family main need. when does this matter can happen so can formed behaviour

new expense in child self, so that begin child buys all that desirable sometimes a matter whom they are self actually doesn't like.
because the has expense behaviour that not undercontrol so initially may be mother prohibit the child,  but child may be berceloteh" mamma the expense many, i am kan only buy this? " begin parents succumbs and buy. follow novianto triwidia glorious, this matter can happen to recurrent so that child is difficult to controlled the expense behaviour.

now your new family is more intelligent manage money.

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