20 Phenomenons Abusive Relationship. abusive relationship,  or love affair that espoused to act violence oftentimes unseen, because usually not direct involve physical violence. therefore, victims often not realize it. but, you necessary observant when 20 phenomenons abusive relationship this appear in your love affair.
11. often humiliated
you often felt to belittled by it? or is getting bickname that leave an impression to humiliate when berduaan? unnecessary hesitant again that this one of [the] the phenomenon.

12. is not assumed
you often felt to embarrassinged by it before another person. or may be he talks you, likely you are not residing in bearness.

13. treated to like individual assistant
as darling, you berkewajiban take care of matters, begin to regulate the work time-table, wash the clothes, until settle the property apartment.

14. nearness gones
after act coarse, he is oftentimes flighty sweet to beat your heart returns. but, you felt not again has mind nearness with him.

15. pillory financially
he make absolute regulation about how does your manner managed finance. want expense anything must report to it.

16. memutarbalik fact
although you side that harmed, he always success make you have felted guilty because ignore it. at the (time) of certain, he decreases the violence frequency in you, feign that never happen,  and you only compose story.

17. you are intimidation
you often felt intimidation and genuinely when does darling release the angry in thing die or even also when threaten you according to verbal.

18. you panic easy
problem as little as anything, like wrong buy the order drink, can make you are panic incredible.

19. onesided
in this connection, you felt your position and he always unstable or not the same degree. of course, you present on course lower.

20. change personality
this matter is usually most is feeled by friend, family,  and person closest. will stay in pressure during berbulan-bulan certain more or less memengaruhi attitude and your personality.

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