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Hereunder there are some general issue that can causes conflict between pair and parent-in-law, also tips to overcome it. parent-in-law and son-in-law
1. resent habit 
everyone, belong parent-in-law, has resent habit. for example, too much sugar that putted into into tea,  or narated over and over again problem,  and another.
as pair, make resent list from second parents, then collect all their good purposes. final, you two agree to care about it or laugh their behaviour.

2. censure
there parent-in-law not hesitant narated to another person if they felt you make wrong. this matter depend on you to decides, what will be be cared comment.
may be you care about dish exercise the comment or craft cuts grass, but set mind on to stop to commented if they have haved in the case of career or principle affair have familiy.

3. watch over connection
there family haves, of vital importance to speak every day with parent-in-law. but there also opinion, enough once in a while speak telephonic. but, if felted this matter coms, you must overcome it. for example if phone, not ever there that answer, inste, pay a visit to the house and make shock. isn't it true that this is good matter?

4. freedom
in a discussion, several families felts unfavorable talks openly a problem. may be, this caused education surface and different habit. as pair, you must approve matters that ready made habit. and talk about in what be must be keeped parents, for example financially or well-being. or, decide to speak only wrongly one from them. important, you two know what approved.

5. shake together with family
marriage programme, idul fitri holiday or christmas one of [the]
disagreement cause at many families. try to plan it well and let everybody detect what you decide. you and pair may be also detect strong family tradition, so to prepare to bertoleransi.

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