UNDERSTAND Orientation Renegade

Diposting oleh oti | Rabu, Mei 20, 2009

Although most people agree that the impact of various renegade bring bad for families, children remain only behavior occurs everywhere regardless of their particu8lar social class. With no means ignore the many facts about renegade made by the wife, a short note this will only tell a little about the behavior of male renegade husband a wife.
Not mean that salaried children, but usually men who have enough money to sponsor more activities renegade the potential to not be loyal. Not just a matter of money, men are usually their children who have the power. Because they arogansi, renegade considered as a means to show his power. 

A drastic change in the status, for example, from the middle management level positions to senior executive can make someone feel nervous. He will be separate from the colleagues, the challenge of working may not be understood by partners.
will friend needs to talk this high when communication with the wife does not walk well, can occur due to educational background or social difference. In fact only a few men who use children as the reason for the physical. Although the wife has a beautiful house but when the clothes are always use is, do not maintain hygiene, facial cosmetic tool always closed (the mask, hair dirol), while the beautiful face would be when outside the home, of old-old men can be fed and explore a more interesting scene outside the home.

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