If your new plan has not been married and have children, use simple methods to delay pregnancy. What is? 7
1. Condoms
Sperm out will saved condoms so they do not enter into the womb. Failure may occur. Usually because the condoms tear and leak.
2. Periodic abstinence
To avoid pregnancy, do intimate relationship only when the wife is not in the fertile period. This can be done on his wife, the couple who have regular menstrual cycles. Cooperation and understanding husband is very necessary in this case.
3. Coitus Disconnected
This may avoid pregnancy. Concepts, issued by the genitals of a ejakulation . But, it is indeed quite the satisfaction of both parties. The failure rate is quite high, 30-35 percent. This is because the husb and can not control so that the sperm are still spill at the mouth of the womb and vagina can still enter.

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