20 Phenomenons Abusive Relationship. abusive relationship,  or love affair that espoused to act violence oftentimes unseen, because usually not direct involve physical violence. therefore, victims often not realize it. but, you necessary observant when 20 phenomenons abusive relationship this appear in your love affair. KDRT

1. not can to decide connection
although aware trapped in love affair menyengsara, you not will can to decide connection with the he is for fear of the consequence.

2. you very bound with him
like children under five child, you are obligatory melapor to darling about all your activity is all day long, eat where, with who,  and everything that talked about when hang out with friends.

3. sort discussion topic
you are afraid discusses a certain problem, for example about your career aim or about darling friend bad habit, because his big possibility will felt very ganggu—bahkan angry!

4. may not have a notion
he always will determine you two will go to date where, eat to what,  and will do everything. you not take upon to say adversative matter with him because not wants the angry trigger.

5. felt guilty
you often try to convince ownself that if you ready to try harder and love him deeper, your connection condition will improve.

6. continuous depression
you often cry without because, felt depression,  and not happy although residing in middle party.

7. always cope to make it happy
because felt sure that you the guilty side in this case, you always felt to worry and obsession looks for manner to make your pair is happy.

8. always felt to take a wrong step
in the case of anything, you not can to make decision quickly,  and always must ask deliberation from it.

9. condition not ever improve
anything you do, lash torture physically, verbal, also emotional from it longer more deteriorate.

10. apart from family and friends
you oftentimes present on course must choose between he and friend, brother,  or your job. slowly, you will be separated by it from family and friends because you must precede self.

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