Be Effective Father

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james van horn, a professor sociology from pennsylvania university, united america develops a child care method whom he is short be care that is: DAD AND BABY

• consideration
a father best show kepedulian and attention to need and feeling the children. for example, once in a while make to have breakfast the little and mess together;with.

• appreciation
show appreciation apparently trifling matter but big means for the little. will say “THANKS” be espoused embrace moment the little will help anda- although the little only will get handuk- will mean many make it.

• respect
respect child choice although that disagree with your taste. if the little choose coat ruddles and blue trousers, let. he is earning to choose.

• empathy
you can develop feeling empathy (understand and is feeling towards what's going on in person other) to the little. for example, invite him to reformatory to give that goods.

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