Prakonsepsi fertility during the period (before pregnancy) can be improved by choosing specific foods balanced to prevent excess weight and keep doing sports r8egularly. The main focus is the priority Prakonsepsi Feed vitamin, such folat acid, iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, selenium, and calcium.

10 Type of Food Ingredients Important:
• avocado, contain vitamin C and acid folat.
• Meat and meat goats, cattle, contain iron and vitamin B12.
• Buckwheat.
• Kol and cabbage family, the source of aci d folat.
• Carrot, the source of vitamin A.
• Kiwi, the source of vitamin C and vitamin E.
• Fish herring, sardine, makarel, salmon, omega-3 source.
• Eggs and poultry, the source of protein.
• pumpkin seeds, the source of vitamin E and zinc.
• Soybean, and their results, the source fitoestrogen.

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