4 twinning categories

Diposting oleh oti | Sabtu, Mei 30, 2009

Despite of several why twinning happen reasons, majority grouped to be four categories.
1. unsatisfied taste twinning
when does one of the pair feeling not satisfied with connection that he experiencing, twinning is bing manner not realize to run self from problem that face.
2. fugitive
twinning is bing manner to is escaping from connection that being endured. than finish problem directly, twinning will spur on to drop the ball.
3. adventures
twinning that done on the quiet, give birth to challenge aloof and increase passion. coitus so arouse with bew somebody and " fresh" so very difficult avoided.
4. polygamy character
twinning this type of can go on long and may be done repeatedly. there one who felt difficult for bound only in one person. they felt prisoned with connection monogamy and they don't want only involved in one person. has third person can be place to spilled difficult problem that is faced.

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